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​Piňamka - bag for dog treats and dog waste bags

  • 499,00 Kč

Piňamka - bag for dog treats and dog waste bags made of Piñatex, natural sustainable leather alternative made of pineapple leaf fibre.

Original and stylish little bag made of vegan leather Piñatex will make the walks with your doggie more fun!

>>> 80 Kč / 3,10 € of the price donated to dog shelters! <<<

*** You put tasty small dog treats on one side of the bag ---> to train your dog tricks, call him back when needed, reward him for obeying

*** You put dog waste bags on the other side of the bag ---> you don't have to worry about forgetting them at home, or having in your "other" jacket

Piňamka is easily attachable by a snap hook:

----> to the leash
----> to your bag or backpack
----> onto your jeans
----> to the zipper of your coat

There are 2 types of Piňamka:

*** DOUBLE - 2 separate sides - you can insert the whole roll of dog waste bags and more dog treats in the other side

*** SINGLE - 2 sewn-on sides - you can insert individual plastic bags in one side and dog treats in the other side

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